Born in 1987, Fukushima, Japan and raised up in Tochigi / Illinois of U.S. / Ibaraki. 
He received his master’s degree in physical education from N.I.F.S. ( National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya ) in 2012. Prevention of knee injury, especially ACL damage, is his specialty. Also, used to be an international student in Oregon State University, class of 2011. 
After having finished the master’s course, he experienced a personal trainer for a highly exclusive fitness club for a couple of years and then he became freelance. Personal training program, group exercise instruction, public speaking, and performance coaching are his main works. Also, he supported the start-up of "TEETER TOTTER", a total body conditioning gym, located in Shibuya.
Highest professional persons used to be his personal training clients; Eddie Jones ( rugby coach, 2-time World Cup medalist ) and Youjirou Terada ( racing driver, also known as "Mr. Le Mans" ) including medical doctors, politicians, musicians, business executives, dancers, chefs and so on. 
Masters  Degree in Physical Education, National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist, National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist, TECNICA GAVILAN Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization, Specialized School Teacher’s License in Physical Education.
< Art Work >
Since 2019 he's started creation work; mainly photography and poem / essay. "Hibito Shashin" is his first publication. "Seeking for the Primitive Beauty" was his initial solo exhibition, held in Azabujuban in November 2019. He participated in "NEW JAPAN PHOTO 10 LAUNCH EXHIBITION ( Dubai 2020 )". 

ラグビー元日本代表チーム監督エディ・ジョーンズ氏や、「ミスター ル・マン」ことレーシングドライバーの寺田陽次郎氏をはじめ、音楽家・政治家・経営者・アナウンサー・バレリーナ・ダンサー・料理家・医師・関取・脳卒中患者など属人性の強い職業人を個人クライアントとしてトレーニングやリハビリテーションを実施。企業クライアントへのグループセッション、ミュージシャンのツアー帯同現場サポート、企業広告案件まで活動の幅を広げている。また、『現代人が悠然とおこなうべき然びる予防医学的生涯エクササイズ』や『たべものについて -現代科学との距離感-』など講演も多数。他、コンディショニングサロン「TEETER TOTTER(渋谷区広尾)」の出店サポートなど。
体育学修士、全米スポーツ医学協会認定パフォーマンス向上スペシャリスト / 矯正エクササイズスペシャリスト、TECNICA GAVILAN 軟部組織モビライゼーション、中学・高等学校教諭専修免許状(保健体育)。
< アートワーク >
自身初の個展「原始美の探究〜丸みとの接点と動的視覚記憶〜(麻布十番 2019)」では、写真・詩・エッセイ・音を含めた作品群を発表した。「NEW JAPAN PHOTO 10 LAUNCH EXHIBITION(ドバイ2020)」に写真作品『the Big Dipper (9 stars)』を出展。他、日々と写真(Self-Publishing, 2019)を出版。