Timeline of my Life so far

1987:Born in Koriyama, Fukushima
1988:Moved to Oak Park, USA
1990:Moved to Oyama, Tochigi
1991:Started playing soccer dreaming a pro
1993:Moved to Mito, Ibaraki
1995:Started playing basketball, baseball and track&field
2003:Started pursuing the greatest training method
2006:Moved to Kanoya, Kagoshima, started N.I.F.S.
2007:Started blogging
2009:Challenged a tryout for pro basketball player but was rejected
2010:Bachelor's degree in Physical Education @ N.I.F.S. and went on the graduate school
2011:Studied @ INTO Oregon State University
2012:Master's degree in Physical Education @ N.I.F.S., moved to Tokyo, got a job at an exclusive fitness club as trainer
2013:Tried a medical school - passed the written test but finally was rejected
2014:Quit the fitness club, participated a start-up "TEETER TOTTER"
2015:Started own business - trainer / performance coach, married
2016:Provided personal training to many successful people, public speakings
2017:Worn-out, depression
2019:Started creation works: photography and poetry, 1st solo exhibition "Seeking for the Primitive Beauty", Tokyo, photo book "Hibi to Shashin", quit basketball
2020:2nd solo exhibition "SokuSui MeiShou [Life Flows Like Water]", Tokyo, established a publishing label "UU BOOKS", published a tabloid book "Water-Evaporation-Infinity", exhibition "NEW JAPAN PHOTO 10 Launch Exhibition", Dubai​​​​​​​

Born in 1987, Fukushima, Japan and raised up in Tochigi / Illinois of U.S. / Ibaraki. 
He received his master’s degree in physical education from N.I.F.S. ( National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Kanoya ) in 2012. Prevention of knee injury, especially ACL damage, is his specialty. Also, used to be an international student in Oregon State University, class of 2011. 
After having finished the master’s course, he experienced a personal trainer for a highly exclusive fitness club for a couple of years and then he became freelance. Personal training program, group exercise instruction, public speaking, and performance coaching are his main works. Also, he supported the start-up of "TEETER TOTTER", a total body conditioning gym, located in Shibuya.
Highest professional persons used to be his personal training clients; Eddie Jones ( rugby coach, 2-time World Cup medalist ) and Youjirou Terada ( racing driver, also known as "Mr. Le Mans" ) including medical doctors, politicians, musicians, business executives, dancers, chefs and so on. 

Since 2019 he's been doing creation works; mainly photography and poetry / essay. "Seeking for the Primitive Beauty" was his 1st solo exhibition, held in Azabujuban in November 2019. The second solo exhibition "SokuSui MeiShou [Life Flows Like Water]" will be held from July 1st and his first photography/poetry publication is coming out there. UU BOOKS is his own publishing label, established in 2020. He also participated in a photo book "Hibito Shashin", "NEW JAPAN PHOTO 10 LAUNCH EXHIBITION ( Dubai 2020 )". 

 Master's Degree in Physical Education
 National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Enhancement Specialist
 National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist
 TECNICA GAVILAN Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
 Specialized School Teacher's License(P.E.)
 EIKEN Grade Pre-1

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